In progress:

  • Lecture series: Revelation (DTS)
  • Book: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, by G.D. Fee and D. Stuart


  • Book: The MacArthur Bible Handbook, by J.F. MacArthur (rec by Ptr S)
  • Book: Living by the Book, by H.G. Hendricks et al. (rec by Ptr S)
  • Lecture series: Ezekiel (TMS)
  • Book: Jesus: A Pilgrimage, by J. Martin (rec by E & A)
  • Lecture series: Greek Exegesis I (TMS)
  • Lecture series: Greek Exegesis II (TMS)
  • Lecture series: Hebrew Exegesis I (TMS)
  • Lecture series: Hebrew Exegesis II (TMS)
  • Lecture series: Job (TMS)


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