Gone Google collaboration demo

Have you tried the Gone Google collaboration demo (link)? It lets you write something in collaboration with Fyodor Dostoevsky (orange), Charles Dickens (light blue), Emily Dickinson (pink), Friedrich Nietzsche (violet), William Shakespeare (green) and Edgar Allan Poe (red). Here’s what the seven of us wrote just now:


New laptop

On the bus, on my way home with my new laptop. The one I had in mind had an i7 processor, 6 GB RAM and 750 GB hard drive, and was $699. When I got to the store, this fellow showed me a model that was on sale — i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive — also $699. Same size, same brand (Acer Aspire) etc. And he threw in another $100 discount just because he could! So I’m happy. I saw the HP Pavilion and Sony Vaio ones with i7, 6 GB and 750 GB, and they were $1,099 each. My stop’s coming up, bye.

Vancouver International Film Festival

Film: The Natural Phenomenon of Madness (Philippines, 2011, 135 minutes)
About: a broken relationship
VIFF website says it’s: sharp, visually arresting, it’s unlike any other Filipino indie
I think it’s: technically well done, but dragging

Film: The Sandman (Switzerland, 2011, 88 minutes)
About: a man who is leaking sand
VIFF website says it’s: part “Eternal Sunshine…”, part Kafka and wholly unique
I think it’s: very entertaining and creative

Film: Headshot (France, Thailand, 2011, 105 minutes)
About: a cop turned hitman turned monk
VIFF website says it’s: smart, original and very, very stylish
I think it’s: good, solid

Film: White (South Korea, 2011, 106 minutes)
About: a pop girl group recording a cursed song
VIFF website says it’s: a zappy horror thriller
I think it’s: scary enough, but it explained itself too much

Film: Box Man Hong Kong Lonely Heart (Canada, HK, Australia, 2011, 4 minutes)
About: a man in a box meets a woman in a bag
VIFF website says it’s: charming
I think it’s: pointless

Film: Advanced Cybernetics (USA, 2011, 4 minutes)
About: a sentient computer on an empty spacecraft
I think it’s: a purely visual experience

Film: Bike Race (USA, 2010, 13 minutes)
About: a bike race and a love triangle
I think it’s: good, entertaining

Film: Friday Night Tights (USA, 2010, 4 minutes)
About: a male dancer
I think it’s: fun

Film: Lose This Child (Israel, 2011, 4 minutes)
About: a newly hatched sea turtle
VIFF website says it’s: a music video
I think it’s: really good

Film: The Man with the Stolen Heart (UK, 2011, 8 minutes)
About: a man who lost his heart
VIFF website says it’s: a surreal oil-painted tale
I think it’s: not telling or showing me anything new

Film: Moving Day (Australia, 2010, 9 minutes)
About: a little girl who finds bad fairies
I think it’s: well done, with a cool story

Film: The Nest (UK, 2011, 12 minutes)
About: a daughter and her overbearing mother
VIFF website says it’s: an amazing oil painterly animated world
I think it’s: beautiful

Film: Out of Erasers (Denmark, Sweden, 2011, 15 minutes)
About: a strange new epidemic
I think it’s: good, creative

Film: Outside In (Austria, 2011, 6 minutes)
About: a suicidal ogre
VIFF website says it’s: actually an old man, not an ogre
I think it’s: interesting

Film: Brick Novax’s Diary (USA, 2010, 16 minutes)
About: an international supercool legend
VIFF website says it’s: about an amazing, crazy, multifaceted life
I think it’s: really funny

Film: Dreileben: Beats Being Dead (Germany, 2011, 88 minutes)
About: a nurse and a hotel maid
VIFF website says it’s: one film in a fascinating, sensational three-film project
I think it’s: a good love story, a film that could stand on its own

Film: Dreileben: Don’t Follow Me Around (Germany, 2011, 88 minutes)
About: friends finding out they dated the same guy
VIFF website says it’s: one film in a fascinating, sensational three-film project
I think it’s: not really value adding

Film: Dreileben: One Minute of Darkness (Germany, 2011, 90 minutes)
About: an escaped convict
VIFF website says it’s: one film in a fascinating, sensational three-film project
I think it’s: a good sad story

Words (to me)

hey :) xx xxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx… xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx… xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx x xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx :P

ANYWAY, yeah, I xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx… but xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

it’s really truly xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxx… but x xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx, and since xx xx x xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx, it’s xxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx x xxxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx, but I think it’s best if we stay friends


I saw Pinoy Sunday at the VIFF about a week ago. It’s a Taiwanese-directed film about Filipino expats in Taiwan. The two lead characters come across a couch, and they carry it across Taipei to where they live. It was funny, I enjoyed it.

Tonight I saw 108 and The Two Escobars. 108 documents a Paraguayan director’s quest to learn about her dead uncle. The uncle turns out to be one of 108 gay men who were arrested and tortured, by order from the dictator at the time. This dictator turns out to be doing all this because his son is gay. The film was good. Made me want to hug someone and say: Be exactly who you are.

The Two Escobars is my favourite so far. It’s an incredible story about Colombian narco-soccer in the 1980s and early nineties, leading up to the death of drug lord Pablo Escobar in the hands of the police and the murder of soccer star Andres Escobar (no relation) after he scored an own goal in the 1994 World Cup. The film explores the political and social contexts surrounding these deaths, as well as the psychology of the characters. Pablo pulled himself out of the slums through illegal means. He donated soccer fields, health centres, schools, and houses to various communities — all from dirty money. Andres loved his country and did his best to keep his integrity amidst the corruption and violence that plagued Colombia. Just… watch this if you get the chance.

Memories. Languages.

Went tobogganing with little kids today. Everyone slid down the slippery, snowy slope on plastic sleds. Even the eight-month-old boy, who licked the snowflakes that fell onto his lips.


I am eight years old. I take old candles and old crayons, scrub them onto one side of a small, thick wooden board. Then I flip it over, sit on the unwaxed side, knees tucked under my chin, bare feet flat on the board. I wear my rubber slippers on my hands, use them for control as I slide down the inclined, paved street.


Me: Ano ang kuliglig?
Sis: Wart!
Bro1: Hinde, cricket!
Sis: Eh ano yung wart?!
Me: Kulugo.

Bro2: Diba dati tinatanggalan natin ng palakpak [yung insektong] yun?
Me: Ano sa Tagalog ang wing?
Bro2: Hindi ko alam!
Bro1: Pakpak! Palpak.

Mom: Namimintas ka nanaman.
Bro2: Namimintas, diba yun yung pag nagha-harvest sa trees?
Me: Namimitas yun.