More dreams

I’m in Manila, studying for a maths exam. My cousins and aunts ask me where my sister is. I say I’m not sure. To get away from them, I climb a very narrow flight of stairs, built in the small space between a pair of slum houses. I have to dodge laundry hanging on the slum houses’ windows. I take a jeep to get to school. When I get there, people are preparing for a big production, like a cheering competition. I have the maths exam in my hand. The time has run out, but I’m not even halfway done with the questions. I carry the exam papers around with me as I navigate a maze in the school’s parking lot. There is a gigantic, slimy wormlike creature in the maze.

I’m in a white building. The rooms are filled with important-looking men and women. They’re discussing the end of the universe. I eavesdrop. Some people will gather at a particular location; they will be spared from the destruction. I go into a room and then get my baby sister. Carrying her, I look around for other people I know. Everyone’s out on the streets, celebrating something, I don’t know what. I find Joey and Ethel. We head to the meeting place. We sit around a small square table and lay our heads down on it, like we’re sleeping. A lady tells me I should leave my sister behind. Two men fight. The destruction starts. Ethel pushes the two men off the edge of the room. They fall into what appears to be a black hole.


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