I don’t know any of these characters in real life.

I’m walking halfway around the auditorium with Mark and Abby. People are coming in through various doors, looking for seats. I see Eric at a far entrance. He walks toward us. And then a montage — Mark, Abby, Eric, Rosalie and I — at a garden, at school, at the beach, at a pool, at a play (not watching but acting). Mark and Rosalie seem to be a couple. Abby and Eric, too. And then, while I’m hanging out with Mark and Abby, Mark asks me, “Do you love me?” I say, “What? No!” I wonder if I’m lying. And then we go hiking, and we get to a house, and on the other side of the house is a river, and there are mats lined up on the river, and if you walk on the mats, you won’t sink. Eric and I go swimming. And then it’s time to go home, and the couples leave, and I’m angry at Mark, and I want to hang out with Eric to complain about Mark, but Eric is leaving, so I’m angry at him too. I am waiting at the bus stop when suddenly, everyone’s back, and Mark tells me he likes me, and I figure it’s like I’m shooting an alternative ending for a movie, and Mark and I go swimming in the river. And then Tyra is screaming from the second floor of the house, like something horrible is happening and we must leave, and everyone quietly goes to the dock to wait for a boat, but no boat is coming, so everyone just crosses the river by walking on the mats, and there’s a large, red and blue striped coat on one of the mats, and we just keep walking, wanting to get away. We come to a house, we go inside, and it starts caving in. Mark and I manage to crawl out of the debris, but we find ourselves at the same dock where we were earlier. We look back at the house, and it’s not caved in, but it’s the same house where we were earlier. I look at the mats on the river, and the coat is still there, and an old woman peeks from under the coat, and she’s what we were running from in the first place.


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