Enter Sandman

I don’t remember what went on in the first nightmare, but I woke up screaming against the sound of something growling about five feet from my head. The sound carried over from the nightmare into real life, and for 10 minutes I could barely move — I was shaken and wide awake in the dark at 1 a.m. I managed to get up to turn on the light and eventually fall back to sleep. I was woken maybe five more times throughout the night. I remember waking to the sight of a light orange spider on the ceiling, right above me. I hid under the covers and went back to sleep. The other time I awoke, I felt that the spider had come down and was crawling on my left arm. I shook it off, and secured the covers tighter around and under me. I don’t remember much of the nightmares themselves, but there was one in which I was in an apartment (not mine) that had lots of insects just dangling from the ceiling, at the ends of strips of paper.

Only one dream sequence has remained with me. I saw someone, who was carrying a baby, flick a switch next to a mirror. This made the baby disappear in the mirror image. Later, it was I who was carrying a baby. I didn’t do the same thing with the switch, so you could see both me and the baby in the mirror, as you normally would in real life. When the baby saw himself in the mirror, he threw up like crazy, it was practically flooding white goo.

I hope I get a better night’s sleep tonight.


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