Haven’t had running-from-something dreams in a while

I was in class with Tonet and my cousin Lyn. We had a final exam (subject: Filipino) to take. Everyone in class was going through his/her notes in the last few minutes before the exam. There were papers everywhere. The teacher announced, “Write this down.” I had no paper. Someone gave me a pink index card. The teacher dictated what we had to write down. I realized that everyone had a bundle of papers in his/her hand. Another classmate, Mags, decided to go home and not take the exam. She didn’t have her bundle of all her quizzes, and neither did I. I figured I’d still take the test, quickly go home to get my quizzes and come back to submit them. I came across one sheet of paper that said something like… someone was coming for some of us. I looked outside and saw two girls trying to get away from townspeople who were going after them. Lyn and I decided to run. Tonet did too, but she morphed into my elementary schoolmate, Mary Ann. We couldn’t take the usual exits because the teachers and nuns were there. We sneaked out through a back door somehow, but there were people watching for us outside the school, too. So we climbed up a fence into a country club and pretended to be members. We walked across the cricket field and into the main building. We couldn’t go out the front door, so we walked up to the top floor of the building, where the chapel was. We exited through there. Eventually we got into a bus, and Mary Ann morphed back into Tonet.


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