“I had a weird but fun dream last night. You were there. Present day. Kats (of all people) decided she will be setting guys up with us. Including me, including you. It would be guys from [her work], so the general impression is that these are decent guys. The ‘date’ would be on a straw boat that will paddle along the Boracay shoreline. It was one of those REM dreams that really felt mobile, it smelled like Bora. I was there, I agreed to be set up too, which would never happen, because I wouldn’t dare fool around Miko’s back, and my friends would never set me up and allow me to fool around. You were there too, and we were all just ‘whatever, roll with it’ to Kats’s promise of good dates. The day of the date — the boat was really funny looking. It looked like a Polynesian straw boat, something Mythbusters would create. We all doubted that it would stay afloat, but heck, we all decided to jump in if we already had to. Thing is, the dates arrive and only YOU had a decent-looking date. You and somewhat Ish. Everyone else had gay-looking flabby dates. Very very very funny. It felt like Kats smacked me in the head for even agreeing to date when I already had a boyfriend. I would have loved to sleep on and continue with it especially since it was raining. But it was 6:15 a.m. already, had to get up.” — Tipee


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