Words (to me)

hey :) xx xxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx… xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx… xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx x xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx :P

ANYWAY, yeah, I xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx… but xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

it’s really truly xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxx… but x xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx, and since xx xx x xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx, it’s xxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx x xxxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx, but I think it’s best if we stay friends


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