I had a dream about being the head of logistics for a conference. We had to restore/rebuild a hut for the conference. I was comfortably running the project: “See which chairs are wobbly, leave them here. Take the good ones to the office. We need to buy more nails.” And then the overall conference head tells me, “Do you want to watch The Social Network?” And I say yes. (I’d been wanting to see this for a while in real life.) The conference head in the dream is Eden. I drop what I’m doing, and I follow her, but then I can’t find her. The streets are crowded, like in a Guatemalan bazaar. I get lost a few times. And then I walk by a room where some people are singing. It’s the conference head with a group of friends, but the conference head is now Romi. I couldn’t come in and say, “Hey, let’s go watch that movie.” I knew that wouldn’t happen any more.

I had another dream. There was a test. I had to hold my breath underwater while playing a game. But it wasn’t in a pool or the sea. It was in an old building. The game was some sort of Filipino street game. There’s some chasing, some strategizing. I don’t remember how the game ends; somehow I’m suddenly facing a new challenge. I have to go up to the leader (of what, I don’t know) and paint his shorts. So I do that. He’s sitting on a waist-level cement platform. The next thing I know, I’m sneaking up to a hotel room on the ninth floor with a female. We attempt to have sex, but we’re interrupted by her dad/uncle/grandfather (I don’t remember).


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