I saw Pinoy Sunday at the VIFF about a week ago. It’s a Taiwanese-directed film about Filipino expats in Taiwan. The two lead characters come across a couch, and they carry it across Taipei to where they live. It was funny, I enjoyed it.

Tonight I saw 108 and The Two Escobars. 108 documents a Paraguayan director’s quest to learn about her dead uncle. The uncle turns out to be one of 108 gay men who were arrested and tortured, by order from the dictator at the time. This dictator turns out to be doing all this because his son is gay. The film was good. Made me want to hug someone and say: Be exactly who you are.

The Two Escobars is my favourite so far. It’s an incredible story about Colombian narco-soccer in the 1980s and early nineties, leading up to the death of drug lord Pablo Escobar in the hands of the police and the murder of soccer star Andres Escobar (no relation) after he scored an own goal in the 1994 World Cup. The film explores the political and social contexts surrounding these deaths, as well as the psychology of the characters. Pablo pulled himself out of the slums through illegal means. He donated soccer fields, health centres, schools, and houses to various communities — all from dirty money. Andres loved his country and did his best to keep his integrity amidst the corruption and violence that plagued Colombia. Just… watch this if you get the chance.


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