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I had a dream where I was Lorelai Gilmore’s daughter. We visited my supposed dad’s grave (my dad is alive in the real world). We were with another girl about my age. The girl and I wrote on the guestbook on the grave. We wrote “VI Daniel Hellington” with a purple fountain pen. We were apparently the sixth group of people to visit. In the dream, Daniel Hellington was the guy currently dating Lorelai. Why we would write his name in the guestbook, I don’t know. Then we went to my grandparents’ house. My real-life grandfather (my only deceased grandparent) was there. The grandmother in the dream is someone I don’t know. The house was a set. In the dream, I knew that the books and displays were put together by some production crew. Nobody else acted like it was a set, though. Hmm I forget the rest of the dream.


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