Extended bad dream woke me up five times in six hours

I’m in philosophy class. The professor is the same one we had in the Guatemala program, but I don’t recognize my classmates and I don’t know where the classroom is located. Someone pokes her head into the room and asks to speak with me. I am excused from class. I feel like the person is a counsellor of some sort, and I wonder if she’s going to talk to me about some problems I’m having. When we get to her office, she offers me a job. I tell her that I already have a full-time, 6am-2pm job. I ask if the job she’s offering is part-time and can be done in the late afternoon. She says yes, I am hired. I go back to class. I can’t find my backpack. I think, I shouldn’t have left my wallet and my jewellery in the top-most pocket of the backpack. (I actually did this in real life, right before I went to bed.) There are lots of people walking down the halls. I look through rooms that have nurses in them. It seems like I’m in school, but it also seems like I’m in a hospital. People who look like students are walking around. People who look like hospital patients are walking around. It all feels so strange and I am afraid of the people around me. There is some problem with food in the cafeteria. There is some problem with linens and sheets of some sort. People are on edge. I get to the lost-and-found section. I find my backpack there. Most of my stuff is gone. But the backpack contains some things of mine that I didn’t put in the backpack. And there’s a business card and a note inside. Apparently some guy took the backpack, and he has also been coming to my house and getting my things, and watching me. I get scared. I find out that the stalker is after me, wants to kill me. I try to get help from people, including the police. They’re not very helpful. The stalker chases me. I run. The police seem to dawdle at first, but they eventually catch him. I’m still scared and I’m still running. My 12-year-old brother is suddenly there. I think it is him, but he seems younger. We run — me, my brother, Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz. (My friends were talking about Vicky Cristina Barcelona yesterday, in real life. I haven’t seen it.) There are two characters chasing all of us. One is a murderer in the person of Javier Bardem. The other is Freddy Krueger. (He probably popped up in my dream because my actor friend played Freddy Krueger in a Vancouver promotion of A Nightmare on Elm Street. But I didn’t realize any of this when I was dreaming, okay, and it wasn’t funny at all then.) I run through the streets in broad daylight, the streets are empty, I don’t know where my brother is, and I see three bodies, burned to death, on the street. I have to jump over them so I could get away from those that are trying to kill me. I look for places to hide. I go inside derelict structures. Everything is either empty or has people inside who don’t care at all, as if they couldn’t see me or my killers. Scarlett is in a bathroom stall with her head bleeding. I find Penelope dead somewhere outside. I run and run and run. (There’s more to this dream that I can’t remember anymore. But it woke me up five times and I was scared each time.)


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