Requiem for a dream

Somebody’s prom in some gym. The DJ is a little boy chaperoned by his mother. The mother and the boy dance. The decorations and the roof fall to the floor. Outside the gym are tents. The tents fall, too.

And then some sort of tricycle. I’m on it. My cousin Dek is, too. The driver is another little boy. I’m supposed to be going home but I don’t know the way. Neither does Dek. The boy just pedals on. I consider a job like his. I ask him how much his daily quota is. He says 350. I ask him how much he collects in a day. He says 350. He barely makes anything above quota, for himself. I don’t want his job anymore.

Then I’m in a friend’s house. Dek is there, too. Dek hogs the TV, has the remote. My friend is annoyed, she wants to watch something else. I telepathically change the channel so that my friend doesn’t get mad at Dek. Now we’re watching the prom from earlier in my dream.


I’m in the mountains. I’m using Google Maps to find a hospital. Two show up onscreen. One is somewhat close, the other is very far. I can’t decide which one to go to. The information on the farther hospital was uploaded by an acquaintance, someone who went to the same high school as me.

Then I’m at a party. Everyone is waiting to welcome “a girl from Holland.” I am that girl. When the people find out, only two of them come up to me. They look like students from Ateneo. I apologize for not being blonde. They are very hesitant. I say that they don’t have to entertain me. Still hesitating, they say they will. I ask if the Heineken House (an Olympic celebration venue) is still open, I say I want to go.

Then I’m walking towards a very nice garden with fountains and gazebos. I’m with friends from high school. I see Mae lying on the grass, thinking about her boy. She sees us, walks with us to a pool that’s about fifteen inches deep. There are cement benches in the pool. Everyone folds up her jeans. We sit on the benches, barefoot, lower legs all wet. Dana takes a picture of me and Joey.


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