What dreams may come

I’m in a mansion. Grand curving staircase, chandelier, the works. There is a young doctor here, but the house is not his. There are sisters living here, both in their twenties. The younger one is sick. A terminal illness, probably. The older one is seeking help from the doctor. It is raining outside. I see the older sister talking to the doctor inside the house, by the tall, wide sliding glass doors. A cellphone falls from the sky onto the ground outside. It is an old Nokia phone. It is getting wet. The doctor flicks his hand and makes an iPhone appear out of nowhere, and he makes it hover over the Nokia phone, shielding it from the rain. This makes me think, that’s smart, because iPhones are waterproof.


I see a dock. Three boats can fit in the dock. There are two boats there now, but they’re not completely built boats. They’re actually just columns of benches, barely connected by their legs, floating. There are people sitting on the benches, waiting. A fully built boat comes into the dock. It has a roof and a floor, connected by some contraption on the back end of the boat. Its passengers disembark. The contraption detaches, taking with it the roof and the floor of the boat, and it attaches onto one of the columns of benches with people on them, making a new, fully formed boat. This new boat leaves.


I’m in my friend Meghan’s room. She is getting dressed. The door is ajar. I am watching the door so that I can tell her if somebody’s coming. I see an old woman standing by the door. I want to warn Meghan but I can’t speak. I can’t move. Suddenly I am lying on the bed, and I know that Meghan is, too, even if I can’t see her. I still can’t talk or move any part of my body except for my left hand. I still want to warn Meghan. I grab her wrist. She screams.


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