With a glowing heart

This photo is from the Opening Ceremony. You can watch the whole thing by clicking this link. It’s over three hours long and the awesomeness is pretty spread out, but if you have just 30 minutes to spare, check out 1:25:05 to 1:54:50, which I think is the main performance segment. Watch for the whales, they’re my favourite. :)

Like practically everyone else in Vancouver right now, I’m in withdrawal from the Olympics. I still have a maple leaf temporarily tattooed on my cheek, and my friend who danced in the final number in the Closing Ceremony left a stroke of her face paint on. Now there are no more nightly free concerts, no more communal cheering for Team Canada, no more break from school. (In fact, I need to write two papers due tomorrow.) And for me, no more volunteering. No more granola bars and green apples. For 97 hours of volunteering, I got to watch the Opening Ceremony, as well as Barenaked Ladies and INXS concerts in Victory Ceremonies. I was in Operations Support, aka errands. Labeling, counting, cutting, laminating stuff. Going to the store to buy electrical tape. Bringing food for the rockstars. Bringing towels to their trailers. Closing curtains so that light doesn’t come in and ruin the shots. Telling people where to go. Telling people where not to go. (You can’t go this way because Michael Buble is right behind me, standing on top of a giant hat. Do you want me to kiss him for you?)

I’ve met some pretty amazing people. I like working on events because of the pace and the energy, and I especially enjoy working with or under the direction of people who exude grace under pressure. Last night for the Closing Ceremony, we helped clean up after twelve hundred 14-17 year olds who left half-eaten sandwiches and half-eaten apples on the floor and we were so disgusted, but then the kids started cleaning up, too. And they, on their own, began collecting unopened sandwich packs and asked if these could be donated to the homeless. That made my heart smile. These amazing people, these grace-under-pressure leaders, these kids with perspective, they win.

My volunteer ID hangs behind my door. I’m really going to miss this — the energy, the atmosphere, everything. <3


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