Signs everywhere

0617 0907
I took 35 photos from April through September this year. Random stuff. It was supposed to be a one-photo-a-day thing but I got busy slash lazy. The photo on the left was taken on June 17 at a bus stop in school. Watch the sunset, it says. The photo on the right was taken on September 7. In school, too. On a building complex layout map. See the writing on the lower right corner? Aren’t we a wholesome bunch. Don’t Worry Be Happy.

So 2009 is ending, eh? I don’t think I have the words to describe the kind of journey that it has been. But on February 15, from inside a plane, I witnessed the best sunrise I’ve ever seen. The plane was flying over a part of the world that was still an hour or two away from sunrise. Looking out the window and down to the ground, it was pitch black. But farther out, the horizon was getting its first rays of sunshine. It wasn’t like a normal sunrise viewing from the ground, where you’d watch the sun’s rays as they approached you; instead I watched the Earth turn to face the light.



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