Global Citizenship Term Abroad

Guatemala final update. Top left photo is from when we volunteered to work at a coffee farm, which happens to be in the mountains. Next to it is a photo from a Black Nazarene parade. Women carried the statue. Next is a photo of a church ruin, with the heads of statues stolen. It’s apparently a lucrative thing. Then there’s a photo from a children’s benefit that we went to. The next two are from a demonstration for women’s rights, and against abuse and violence. Next is the Guatemala city dump, where thousands of people work as scavengers. Next is from a forensic lab. You can read more about our forensic lab trip on our Political Science professor’s blog right here, where you can also read a lot about our other class activities. (While I’m at it, check out this website for our Sociology class. It has some interesting modules.) The last two photos are of painters at Plaza Mayor and of Volcan de Agua in Antigua.


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