November already!

Batch three! What new adventures have we gotten ourselves into now? Well, we went to the beach in a city called Churirin. It was a nice place with a swimming pool and a tiki hut. We did the beach bonfire thing, as you can see in the second picture. We also went up the highest peak in Central America. It was so beautiful up there! After about an hour of hiking, you could see where the fog ends. Near the peak, you could see where the low clouds end. Check out the photo of the sunrise. Whut. Thirdly, we went to see the Mayan ruins in Zaculeu. See those shapes in the corner? Those are people. After visiting the ruins, we had dinner in a restaurant with a marimba band. And guess what… I walked up the stage (with some prodding from our professor) and asked them to teach me to play. And they did! It was fun. The next two photos are of churches. The one at night is of the church in Huehuetenango; the other one is of the church in Todos Santos, where we went to for their November first celebrations, which included a horse race, a football game, a small fair with ferris wheels and various stalls, and a little performance by people in costumes. We’ve also been busy with schoolwork; we have an essay due every week, tons of reading, etc. But these are very fun times.


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