Batch 2

Here’s batch two of the Guatemala photos. The first photo is of a free concert by a band using traditional instruments. The next one is ziplining. Then there’s Lago (Lake) Atitlan. Then there’s the market. Then there’s a parade/campaign for better financing of mental health care and mental health education. Then there’s the inside of the church at Santiago. Then there’s this fountain with the statues of two women wearing traditional clothing and carrying clay jars for water. And finally, there’s the circle at Parque Central in Xela, our home for two months.

Things have been wonderful, yeah. I got a bit sick for a couple of days, but it’s nothing serious. Just a really bad, prolonged headache. It’s all good now. Aside from that, there’s schoolwork, and I’m moving into homestay on Sunday. I hope that works out well. I would like to do homestay for my entire second month here in Xela. I’m still not sure about what to do for the 10-day break before we move from Xela to Antigua, though. Hmm.


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