Day 20


I’m at day 20 out of 87 in Guatemala, currently staying at a hostel in Xela. I played football (for the first time) with my Habitat for Humanity teammates, our masons, and the beneficiary family. I kept reaching instinctively with my arms, volleyball-style, so I switched from defense to goalie for the second period. I blocked four shots and let four others through. Hahaha. On another day, we watched football live, most of us sporting Xelaju jerseys; it was Xelaju MC vs Municipal and our team won! We also visited a Mayan archeological site (Iximche), hiked up a volcano (Chikabal) that had a lake in its crater, took some free salsa lessons (at La Parranda), and basked in hot springs (at Fuentes Georginas). I also visited a Catholic church (Catedral del Espiritu Santo) and observed a town festival. It’s a lot of fun.

We’re having Spanish and Philosophy classes right now. Spanish is cool; Philosophy is making me pensive. Sociology and Political Science classes will come later. Housing arrangements are going to change; I’ll start on homestay in a couple of weeks. And then later in the program, we’re all moving to a different city, Antigua. I think a few of us are going to stay at an apartment there.

I should blog more often, eh? In the meantime, here’s what other students in the group are saying:

The World According to Sam
Emily’s Guatemalan Aventuras!


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