Travel journal, Twitter style

Thu Sept 17 5:00
I may have dreamed about a bus ride from Vancouver to Seattle. I dunno, I was asleep the whole time.

Thu Sept 17 11:50
Flight from Seattle to Houston. Continental Airlines is not for the are-we-there-yet traveler. No on-screen flight maps.

Thu Sept 17 19:24
Flight from Houston to Guatemala City. My textbook-filled, 20-pound backpack is breaking my shoulder bones.

Thu Sept 17 22:45
Why do I keep calling this apple-vodka-with-vitamin-water concoction a rum coke?

Fri Sept 18 11:30
I’m in Iximche, an archeological site. Google it, go.

Fri Sept 18 13:00
Having delicious hilachas and much-missed papaya (juice) at a truck stop en route to Quetzaltenango, aka Xela.

Fri Sept 18 15:30
Now in Xela. Will be here 8 weeks. My room rocks. Bricks, colorful wood. If only for the windows, it’s the best room in the hostel.

Fri Sept 18 18:30
Went to the bank, got a local cellphone number, bought groceries and food. All transactions done in Spanish. Win.

Sat Sept 19 08:53
Just woke up. Alarm was set for 7:45. Call time is 9:00. Phone says it’s 20:53. Duh.

Sat Sept 19 13:30
To market, to market, to buy pineapple marmalade and bread. Yeah, I’ll do real cooking, but not now.

Sat Sept 19 22:00
People, activities, life. Is this happiness I’m feeling?


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