FC Barcelona
After Liverpool got knocked out of the Champions League, I rooted for the only non-English team left: FC Barcelona. I especially wanted them to win the finals because I don’t like Manchester United. I mean, if it came down to Barcelona v Arsenal, I may have been a little more indifferent. (If it were Barcelona v Chelsea, I’d so be rooting for Barca too.) Anyway, the game was quite boring. The only thing worth seeing was Messi’s header. I watched it live on ESPN with my cousin and he was like, “Do the fans always sing?” Hahaha. (The answer is yes.) I’d like to watch an awesome soccer game right in the stadium, in the future. Maybe a Champions League match at Anfield. Or a Spain game in the Euro or the World Cup. Oh by the way, Torres scored a hat trick for Spain against New Zealand (Confederations Cup)! Awesome. So excited for the World Cup next year!

The Vancouver Whitecaps actually seem pretty good; I saw a few of their matches on TV. I hope they do well when they join the Major League Soccer in 2011. There’s not much buzz around North American soccer, though.

Pittsburgh Penguins
So the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup. I wanted them to win over the Detroit Red Wings. It was a good game, too. The Wings kept Fleury busy but he held his ground, letting only one goal through. It came down to the last six seconds, Pens 2-1 Wings. In those six seconds, the Wings took four shots or so. But they didn’t get the equalizer, thus no overtime.

I’m excited for the Canucks next season. I wonder what the roster will look like. I hope they re-sign the Sedin twins. I want to watch a Canucks game at GM Place, too. This shall go on my to-do list for when I come back from Guatemala. Oh no, it just occurred to me: How am I going to watch hockey while I’m in Guatemala? I’m gonna miss the first ten weeks of the season.

LA Lakers
And the LA Lakers beat the Orlando Magic. I think they had a 14-point lead with 3:35 left on the clock. Magic could totally have caught up at that point, but they seemed to have lost their motivation for some reason. I don’t know why; they were playing at home. Anyway, it looked like they weren’t even trying anymore. And then the last ten or so seconds of the game were, well, funny. The Lakers were all just standing and smiling at each other, lazily dribbling the ball. The shot clock buzzed for a 24-second violation, with three seconds left in the game. The Lakers just laughed and started jumping and celebrating. The clock didn’t even count down from three to zero anymore. Haha.


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