1% of the LA trip story

Transcript / May 19, 2009 / 2:00 pm / Seattle Tacoma International Airport

I eat my honey-garlic chicken alone, and I wonder if I’ll see him again. I met him about five hours ago on the bus I took to cross the border (Vancouver to Seattle). When the driver hit the brakes, Trevor’s water bottle jerked forward, under my seat and to my feet, from two rows back. Later, at the bus terminal in Seattle, we both stood around a while, poking at the public transit maps. A couple of nice gentlemen directed us to the bus stop where we could catch the 194 or 174 to SeaTac airport. We walked around and got a little lost even if the stop was just two blocks away. We also had to go into a bank and a coffee shop to get US$ change for bus fare.

We parted ways on check-in. He has a United Airlines flight to Denver; I have a Virgin America flight to LA. He gets back to Vancouver from his hometown Denver in August (three months from now), before school starts. He goes to the same school as my brother. By the time he’s back in Vancouver, I’ll be getting ready to leave for Guatemala for a three-month term. In the meantime, I shall proceed with my lunch. My flight to LA leaves in an hour and a half.


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