Ayoko na.

I had a dream. In it, I know I’m in a relationship but I know not with whom. Walking in a big group, I randomly hold Jude’s hand. Wrong guess. Mike shoots me a death glare. The boyfriend is Mike, not Jude. Completely guilty, I try to make it up to him for the rest of the dream. He gives me the cold shoulder.

I had another dream. In it, I’m part of a group with a plan to blow up a hospital. In the hospital, I hesitate and I don’t do what I’m supposed to do. Instead, I tell one of the doctors about the plan. Guilt-ridden, I tell the doctor that the explosion won’t happen anymore because I didn’t do my part. The doctor is unwaveringly cold and unforgiving. Unfortunately, I don’t know how but the hospital blows up anyway. I watch the hospital building crumble as my friend Donald drives us in a getaway car.

Ayoko na. I wish this guilt thing would stop eating me up. But the part about Mike and me together? Totally fine by me. Gwapo. Hahaha.


One thought on “Ayoko na.

  1. اhow could any person see the future in his dreams. believe isaw my future wife in a dream with tow boys. and for sudden i saw here after 20 days in the street and i think she know me to,althought we dont know each other befor. how could that happen.
    need your help.

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